Welcome to Pedlar Creek Puppies. We raise F1 Labradoodle puppies in NW Missouri.  If you are looking for a loving, trainable Labradoodle puppy to add to your family, you have came to the right place.

History of  the Labradoodle

The mix of Labradors & Poodles began in 1988 by a man named Wally Cochran.  He worked for The Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria Austalia.  They had a request from a blind woman who needed a guide dog, but her husband suffered from allergies.  Since poodles are a good choice for people with allergies and labs make excellent guide dogs, he decided to cross the two, with the managers approval.  As time went on, out of 31 Labradoodle puppies 29 became guide dogs.  People fell in love with the “mixed breed” and the rest is history.

Characteristics of Labradoodles

We specialize in Standard F1 Labradoodles.  F1 Labradoodles are 50% Labrador Retriever and 50% Standard Poodle. The male typically ranges from 22-24 inches tall and 55-75 pounds.  The female ranges from 21-23 inches tall and 50-65 pounds.

Labradoodles are very intelligent and trainable dogs.  That is why they make excellent guide and service dogs.  They are also very friendly and love to socialize.  Labradoodles tend to be very laid back and non aggressive pets. They make a great pet for families with children or other animals.

Labradoodles coats are usually wavy, soft and wooly, while others are more like fleece.  F1 Labradoodles will not have the curl like a poodle.  ( You can see some of our past puppies all grown up here.) Both coat types are low-shedding and allergy friendly.  It is important to remember, F1 Labradoodles are 50% Lab and there could still be some shedding.   It is a good idea to brush your pets hair once or twice a week.  Another benefit to their coat is they do not have a “doggy odor” as some breeds do.  They only require a bath and grooming as you see necessary.

With great, loving care, the life expectancy for Labradoodles is 13-15 years.

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