UPDATED 4/3/2021: We do not currently have any puppies available. Our next litters will be in May and June. We will keep a running list of names on this page as deposits come in.  If you are interested in leaving a deposit, do so here.

Deposit List for Future Litters:

  1. D. Khader/ CA
  2. G. Curtis/ KS
  3. J. Dupler/KS
  4. D. Snowden/MO
  5. M. Personelli/MO
  6. M. Wieners/MO
  7. M. Schneider/ MO
  8. T. Sustacek/ MO
  9. K. Gunter/ MO
  10. C. Nelson/ MO
  11. K. Gunter/ MO
  12. L. Knupp/ MO
  13. P. Feyerabend/NE
  14. E. Heger/ KS
  15. A. Cannon/ MO

We are taking deposits now.  Our puppies are priced at $750. We ask for a $250 non refundable deposit to reserve your puppy and $500* at delivery.  We take deposits through PayPal.  We do ship anywhere in the continental United States for an additional fee.  Price would be determined after talking to the flight nanny.

*We waive any PayPal fees for the deposit.  If you prefer to pay the remaining $500 through PayPal or Square, there will be a 3% fee to run the transaction.

$250 Non Refundable Deposit
Name & Phone Number: