AKC Pedlar Creek’s Rocky


Rocky is our male poodle and our teddy bear.  We brought him home when he was 8 weeks old. He loves to play with the kids and gets very excited when they give him a treat.  He enjoys running around the farm and taking naps in the sunshine.


AKC Pedlar Creek’s Lily

Lily is our yellow lab and our first female we brought to the farm.  She was an older pup when we got her, but loved the kids from the moment we brought her home.  She has a very calm demeanor, but does like to run and play with the other dogs.  She enjoys play time with the kids and loves when we throw tennis balls for her.


AKC Pedlar Creek’s Mayflower

May is a black lab and was our second female.  We brought her home on Thanksgiving Day.  She is very lively and enjoys going to the pond to run and play.  Her favorite snack is peanut butter and loves her chew toys.

NAPR Frankie

Frankie is a black lab and was the last to join our family.  We had planned on sticking with AKC registered dogs, but after meeting Frankie we couldn’t leave without bringing her home with us.  She is the sweetest dog who loves to have her belly rubbed.  Like May, she enjoys going to to pond for a quick swim.

NAPR is the National American Purebred Registry.  They are a company that focuses on registering animals that come from breeders with one or two dogs, not puppy mills.